Lab Chairs: Ensuring Comfort and Safety in the Lab

Being seated comfortably is a prerequisite for safety, stress relief and productivity in any workplace – including laboratories. Given how much time lab personnel spend sitting in chairs each day, one of the best decisions a lab manager or owner can make, is to invest in ergonomic lab chairs with back support. To enhance the level of productivity among lab staff, and to promote healthy work habits in a laboratory, it is important you invest in high-quality lab chairs.

Features an Efficient Lab Chair Should Have

1.    Adjustable height

Because a typical lab may employ team members of various heights, the most important feature to look for in a chair is adjustable height. As a manager, you will want your staff to be able to sit with their feet comfortably flat on the floor and their knees at a 90-degree angle. A bench height lab chair makes it possible for your team members to adjust the seat to the most appropriate level, which helps in enhancing comfort and productivity.

2.    Non-fabric material

A non-fabric material that is simple to disinfect should be used to cover chairs and other lab furniture. Seating for laboratories should be made of solid, non-porous materials that have been sealed and covered in vinyl upholstery. Finishes ought to be as impervious as the disinfectants and other chemicals employed in the lab.

3.    Rolling lab chair

A rolling function permits a lab worker to sit and still be mobile. Having the ability to effortlessly push and pull the chair boosts your ability to move. With a rolling chair, one can easily glide from one area of the lab table to another.

4.    Ergonomic design

Only a laboratory chair that accurately mirrors the user’s movements can provide ergonomic seating. Also, it should provide for the greatest degree of flexibility, both in terms of the armrests’ position and seat height and inclination. In many laboratories, chairs are frequently used by multiple team members, or are moved between various departments and regions. Thus, it is crucial that seating options be self-explanatory and easily adjustable.

Why Should You Invest in Getting Quality Lab Chairs?

There are many advantages to obtaining quality ergonomic laboratory chairs.
Some of these benefits include:

  • Physical Health & Good Posture. The comfortable seating provided by these chairs helps employees to maintain good posture and reduces their risk of developing back pain, lumbar issues, and spinal problems.
  • Mental Health. Sitting comfortably not only improves mood but also eases anxiety.
  • Job Productivity. Rolling lab chairs improve physical wellness by reducing fatigue, hence increasing productivity.
  • Lumbar support in bench height chairs can be adjusted to meet workers’ individual requirements.


Although getting a lab chair is important, finding the right lab furniture for your team of scientists can be extremely difficult. In addition to contributing to the ill health of workers,  ineffective lab furniture can have a negative impact on everyone’s productivity. To avoid this, you can get the best quality lab chairs from Leisales. Contact us now!